An ambient score using slow evolving strings, piano and sound design. 

A piano-driven underscore that at first is pensive, changing into a tone of determination, orchestrated with strings.

Acoustic modern jazz ensemble featuring trumpet, drums and acoustic bass in a high-energy acoustic setting for MoMA's Matisse exhibit.

A chamber string ensemble that's light-hearted, fun, and intellectual. Smart and rhythmic with many interlocking parts. 

A deep energy of low tones and rhythms using carefully designed water percussion sound effects and custom designed instruments. 

A theatrical score featuring a wide variety of moods, all built on top of many interwoven ambient soundscapes and complex rhythmic grooves. 

A rhythmic dance score with many world music instruments and custom built percussion effects.

An environmental sound score using lots of low, growling sounds emanating from woodwinds and bass strings.

A modern, optimistic and energetic orchestral score with strings, piano combined into an electronic aesthetic.