Inspired by the powerful regeneration capabilities of Fungi, and their inherent visual beauty, Macdonald meditated on the this raw and humble life form that can transform the most polluted things into fresh new fertile ground. Scotobiology, "the science of darkness" is the response to contemplating this type of transformation.


Twice Through The Wall.jpg

Twice Through The Wall

Composer Curtis Macdonald’s 2013 EP, Twice Through the Wall, explores the hidden potential of everyday experiences and the way those experiences can be altered and fine-tuned through disciplines such as lucid dreaming.


Selected Sketches 2009 -2012.jpg

Selected Sketches 2009 - 2012

Selected Sketches 2009 - 2012 is a collection of sound art pieces and sonic experiments ranging from water-percussion ensembles to mashups of classic country songs and microtonal pianos.


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Community Immunity

The debut album from New York saxophonist-composer-sound artist Curtis Robert Macdonald, Community Immunity features strong and catchy melodies supported by rhythmic motifs that churn each piece in an often cinematic style.