hearing reality

“An average man can ‘grab’ the things of the world only with his hands, or his eyes, or his ears, but a sorcerer can grab them also with his nose, or his tongue, or his will, especially his will.  I cannot really describe how it is done, but you yourself, for instance, cannot describe to me how you hear.  It happens, that I am also capable of hearing, so we can talking about what we hear, but not about how we hear.  A sorcerer uses his will to perceive the world. The perceiving, however, is not like hearing.  When we look at the world or when we hear it, we have the impression that it is out there and that it is real.  When we perceive the world with our will we know that it is not ‘out there’ or ‘as real’ as we think.”

-don Juan Matus

Posted Saturday, February 11th, 2012


Curtis Macdonald is a saxophonist, composer and producer based in Brooklyn, NY.